Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On this day..

For Today
April 14, 2010
Outside my window: It looks like it is just about to's only about 60 degrees here today, which led us to play indoors!

I am thinking: about making a meal list to help with grocery shopping...

I am thankful for: my mother-in-law for making the first few months of life so much easier. She has been more than willing to accompany me on many outings with the kids, whether it be to the park, the grocery store, or for an oil change, and has been such a huge help in my adjustment to having two children.
From the kitchen: the wine rack is calling to me... just kidding. Nothing going on in the kitchen right now, though I did just clean it up.
I am wearing:My new Nine-West shirt that I got at 80% off at BJ's! I love a good sale!

I am creating: a list of ideas for Kaydence's upcoming third birthday party. I'm thinking a tea-party theme would be appropriate.

I am going: to enjoy the last few minutes (I'm sure) of Cameron's nap!

I am reading: Still nothing at the moment...hoping for some time to do that soon.

I am hoping: that Cameron's reflux gets a little better, the past few days have been rough watching him spit up what seems like about half of what he eats...

I am hearing: Kaydence asking me "are we going to go to the park?" over and over... and now she's crying because I told her it's going to rain :-(

Around the house: a bunch of things, just waiting to be packed into boxes...

A few plans for the rest of the week: More outdoors time, the kids seem to love it and so do I. A return to the gym (YAY!) and maybe my first-ever yoga class.

Here is a picture for thought that I am sharing: Superman!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Love this idea, Besty-I hope you don't mind if I swipe it.

For Today
April 5, 2010
Outside my window: It is in the mid 80's. The sun is shining, and inviting us to go to the playground once Cam's fully awake and Kaydie is done with her lunch.
I am thinking: Weekends go too fast. I wish Dave was here with us to enjoy the spring weather (It is spring even though it feels more like summer!)
I am thankful for: Technology that makes it easier for me to feel closer to my friends and family, even though I am not. Being so far away is hard, sometimes.
From the kitchen: a late lunch is calling out to me, in the form of a Lean Cuisine (I really hope it's good because a trip to the grocery store is in order, and I don't have a whole lot of other options!
I am wearing: yoga pants and a tank top-So comfy and don't really feel like changing, so I might just run to the community playground and hope I don't see anyone I know :-)
I am creating: a mental list of all that needs to be done this week-this will most likely work out better if I make an actual list.
I am going: to enjoy the rest of this day with my two precious angels-I admit I've been pretty lazy today after a weekend of running around, but they don't seem to mind.
I am reading: Nothing at the moment. But I did just purchase "Handle With Care" -- one of Jodi Piccoults that I haven't gotten to yet, and am really looking forward to.
I am hoping: That everything falls into place for Dave and I this week...we really need life to cut us a break.
I am hearing: Kaydence singing along with the little Einsteins. Music to my ears.
Around the house: Kind of cluttered, anticipating a move soon (or let's hope) so it's hard to find the motivation to find a perfect place for everything when it will just end up in a box soon.
One of my favorite things: a baby just learning to coo and smile...true love never spoke more honest or innocent "words"
A few plans for the rest of the week: Put last seasons clothes aside to be boxed, lots of time outside with the kiddos, and lots of walks in the evening with the hubby and the kids. This is my favorite time....all of us together.

Here is a picture for thought that I am sharing:
Our family together yesterday on Easter Sunday.