Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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For Today
April 14, 2010
Outside my window: It looks like it is just about to's only about 60 degrees here today, which led us to play indoors!

I am thinking: about making a meal list to help with grocery shopping...

I am thankful for: my mother-in-law for making the first few months of life so much easier. She has been more than willing to accompany me on many outings with the kids, whether it be to the park, the grocery store, or for an oil change, and has been such a huge help in my adjustment to having two children.
From the kitchen: the wine rack is calling to me... just kidding. Nothing going on in the kitchen right now, though I did just clean it up.
I am wearing:My new Nine-West shirt that I got at 80% off at BJ's! I love a good sale!

I am creating: a list of ideas for Kaydence's upcoming third birthday party. I'm thinking a tea-party theme would be appropriate.

I am going: to enjoy the last few minutes (I'm sure) of Cameron's nap!

I am reading: Still nothing at the moment...hoping for some time to do that soon.

I am hoping: that Cameron's reflux gets a little better, the past few days have been rough watching him spit up what seems like about half of what he eats...

I am hearing: Kaydence asking me "are we going to go to the park?" over and over... and now she's crying because I told her it's going to rain :-(

Around the house: a bunch of things, just waiting to be packed into boxes...

A few plans for the rest of the week: More outdoors time, the kids seem to love it and so do I. A return to the gym (YAY!) and maybe my first-ever yoga class.

Here is a picture for thought that I am sharing: Superman!

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Annette said...

Such an awesome pic!